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New "Drakojan Skies" is out!

2013-05-09 05:33:49 by OmegaDragon3000

"Drakojan Skies" is finally here! After 6 years since "Drakojan Skies Acolytes" was released at Newgrounds in 2007, the series returns with an all new reboot! Blast your way through four stages in "Arcade Mode" then chose whichever stage order you want to play in "Open Mode". The game also features incredible conceptual artwork and mechanical designs by artist Zaeta-K!

Get "Drakojan Skies" here (64 MB):

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Currently consisting of 4 stages, DS is planned to receive additional updates in the future, for a total of 8 stages, including an all new "Story Mode" with character dialogue and still-image cutscenes.

For more updates on "Drakojan Skies" and upcoming projects, please visit the Adregalus Facebook page:

(Unfortunately since each stage is a separate .swf file, and is loaded into one main .swf, it's not possible to submit the game to the Newgrounds' Flash Portal for streaming. I've spent weeks trying to get it to work, but without any luck. Sorry everyone! DS is downloadable only. :/)

Hey everyone! :D It's been about 8 years (OMG!) since I submitted the first "Drakojan Skies - Mission 1" (2005) game to Newgrounds, and in two months time (end of June) the series returns to Newgrounds with a brand new reboot! This old school 2D shmup is a reimagining of the original story, characters and locations from "Drakojan Skies Acolytes" (2007). The gameplay is very similar to the older games, but the engine has been completely rewritten from scratch, using animated sprites made from around 40 CG models for all playable craft, enemies and bosses. There are up to 6 playable units, 8 secondary and 4 special weapons, level weapons, and 4 stages, each featuring a set of unique enemy craft designs with an average game span of 15-25 minutes in total.

Here's 11 minutes of raw in-game footage of "Drakojan Skies", for a great look at what to expect to see in June.

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Check out the facebook page of the game's universe for weekly updates:
Or the main site here:

Stay tuned! :3

I wrote back in February that the "Drakojan Skies" reboot was planned for Smartphones in 2013. Now it's back to being a free Flash game. Read all about it here (below the youtube video): f-drakojan-skies/

Basically, the game will be made in Flash, and released in 2013 on Newgrounds for free.
In the meantime, here are some locations from the upcoming game:

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Link to youtube video in case embedding doesn't work:

There have been some new developments regarding the "Drakojan Skies" 2012 reboot. Up until now the game was to be designed with Adobe Flash, and released for free on and Newgrounds. A few background graphics were completed and development was coming along great.

However we gathered a team of talented artists and programmers together, and now it's going to be official:

We plan on releasing "Drakojan Skies" for Smartphones (iPhone, Android) in 2013.

It's too early to go into details, but it will have classic side-scrolling 2D shoot-em-up gameplay, and will be made entirely in HD 3D/CG graphics. If all goes as planned expect some big news this summer!

For more info, visit out Facebook page:

Drakojan Skies for Smartphones in 2013

Long time no see, NewGrounds! This post is primarily for everyone who still remembers those old "Drakojan Skies" games I uploaded centuries ago.

As mentioned at a few months back, we got a brand new "Drakojan Skies" title currently in the works for a possible 2012 release. Catch a First-Access glimpse of the project, over at the official Adregalus Universe Facebook page:

Feel free to share your thoughts and comments on all the past and future "Drakojan Skies" related productions with the creators. Since the upcoming project is still in its initial "Research & Design" phase, there won't be a lot of news until late this year - hopefully sooner. Until then, feel free to join the insanity over at our official Facebook page, where all the latest updates will be posted first.

- Mike

Drakojan Skies 2012 & Facebook

New Game Released!

2009-11-19 14:12:06 by OmegaDragon3000

After a year and a half in development, "Savage Huskies" is finally complete!
With over an hour and 15 minutes of game play, and over 11MB (16MB for HD version) in size, "Savage Huskies" is the biggest game I've made yet.

EDIT: I've just updated the game's submission with all the music back in it. It should be up and running within 48 hours.

With this game I'm officially retiring from the Flash scene and will be working on independent movie/film projects, using other media/programs, which unfortunately do not include the flash format.

"Savage Huskies Trailer" - K7Uc

New Game Released!


2009-04-05 15:45:22 by OmegaDragon3000

Things have been going incredibly slow on my part. For one, I was employed as an intern at Deck13 Interactive for over 6 months, working on a PC and XBOX360 title: Venetica.

Their website is:, so check them out! The game is also mentioned across the net at various game related websites, such as GameSpot or

Venetica Screenshots


Drakojan Skies Liberation ALPHA DEMO Released

2008-08-19 08:15:51 by OmegaDragon3000

The game will remain at this stage and development will not continue any further.
The project has been canceled.

Drakojan Skies Liberation ALPHA DEMO Released

DrakSkies Liberation - Intro and Ending Released

2008-07-10 09:51:09 by OmegaDragon3000

The introduction and epilogue to "Drakojan Skies - Liberation" is now available on YouTube. This is the first time a "DrakSkies" game has a beginning and ending animation, complete with credit scroll.

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45 years after the events of "Acolytes", one of the surviving pilots recalls some past battles. He visits the memorial dedicated to the memory of those he flew alongside with, and offers his colleagues one final good bye.

2009 lineup
There are currently no plans on continuing the game. Instead, a short eight part "Heritage" mini series in the works. Due to the films' technical complexity (3D animation, green screen, etc), this short series will not be available as flash .swf movies, but rather as QuickTime and Windows AVI videos. Once the series is complete, "MIU SIM" will be remade as a short 3 minute video, followed by more work on "Forgotten Rites".

Drakojan Skies - Liberation

2008-03-07 06:08:17 by OmegaDragon3000

New game is in the works. For more info, here:

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