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Drakojan Skies for Smartphones in 2013

2012-02-18 07:22:45 by OmegaDragon3000

There have been some new developments regarding the "Drakojan Skies" 2012 reboot. Up until now the game was to be designed with Adobe Flash, and released for free on and Newgrounds. A few background graphics were completed and development was coming along great.

However we gathered a team of talented artists and programmers together, and now it's going to be official:

We plan on releasing "Drakojan Skies" for Smartphones (iPhone, Android) in 2013.

It's too early to go into details, but it will have classic side-scrolling 2D shoot-em-up gameplay, and will be made entirely in HD 3D/CG graphics. If all goes as planned expect some big news this summer!

For more info, visit out Facebook page:

Drakojan Skies for Smartphones in 2013


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2012-02-20 01:28:55

Excellent stuff. The Adregalus series you've been developing is becoming awesome, but remember that (especially in a classic shmup) exposition-type content ruins games, and you should leave story based content for other media. You can develop a great media franchise like that. Those who choose to go into the lore can go further into your site and such. Those who just want to play a pretty shooting game, which is the majority of people will be put right into the action and get what they want. No-one gets annoyed, and you win-win always like this.

OmegaDragon3000 responds:

Excellent point! I agree, and we plan to offer both Story and Arcade modes right from the start of the game. The former will use cutscenes between stages, RPG-like character portraits/dialogue during gameplay, and alternate routes in each stage. The latter will consist of non-stop linear shmup action without any story or dialogue whatsoever.


2012-02-20 10:54:24

It looks beautiful! It's been great to see how far this series has come over the years, I'll definitely be snagging a copy when it comes out!

OmegaDragon3000 responds:

Wow, thank you very much, Tom! And a huge thanks to Newgrounds! Were it not for the site, this series, and this project never would have been possible. The least I can do to express my gratitude for the years of support, is to offer you a free copy of the game. :D