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Adregalus Chapter 0: Heritage

2008-01-25 07:19:17 by OmegaDragon3000

Another movie is in the works, which explains the beginning of the Adregalus story. "Adregalus Chapter 0: Heritage" should be out by the 1st of March 2008. (give or take a few weeks)

After that, it's.. "Drakojan Skies: Liberation".
More info on that, here: /

"Forgotten Rites" - Demo Released

2007-09-09 11:27:15 by OmegaDragon3000

Over 5 months in the works, and nearly 5 hours of work a day, for the past couple of weeks, the demo to "Forgotten Rites" is finally complete!

Click here to play the "Forgotten Rites" Demo

There will not be a full version of this game, nor will I continue it anytime soon. To make a full version would take me another 2 years of a constant 5 hour-a-day work sheduel. I don't have that time to commit myself to such a large project anymore, mostly due to school and other projects I want to do.

For more info visit the official site.

"Forgotten Rites" - Demo Released

New Game in the works - "Forgotten Rites"

2007-07-18 05:46:02 by OmegaDragon3000

Yep. Working on a new game atm..
No more Drakojan Skies, since I never want to go back to that again.

It's an action/suspense jump & run side scroller where you mostly just go around solve puzzles, flip switches, talk to NPCs and have to complete certain scripted events by defeating enemies or by doing something else.. The battles will mostly take place in the first person view, where you hold down the mouse button to build up strength and then unleash a spell/chant/saying..

Run animation test: Click here
A couple of stage designs: First two stages
Intro scene: Click here

I doubt I'll post it here, since the gameplay is very slow and doesn't contain too much action. Wherever it gets released you can be sure to find it at my site.

That's all for my first post here.. Laters..

P.S.: "Copy and Paste" a text on over from wordpad seems to butcher up a post with random numbers and wierd symbols... Seriously, WTF!?
I recently responded to a review and the entire text was messed up! O_o

*really needs an "edit" or "preview" button*