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2009-04-05 15:45:22 by OmegaDragon3000

Things have been going incredibly slow on my part. For one, I was employed as an intern at Deck13 Interactive for over 6 months, working on a PC and XBOX360 title: Venetica.

Their website is:, so check them out! The game is also mentioned across the net at various game related websites, such as GameSpot or

Venetica Screenshots



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2009-04-13 14:36:37

I haven't heard of this game before...what's the gameplay and story like?


2009-10-17 18:18:43

Man, congratulations, you are such a great game developer. The bad thing is that i dont have an Xbox360, i can my contrll my friends to buy the game. =D


2009-11-11 17:18:53

Both of the Venetica links lead to a germen language site.