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New "Drakojan Skies" is out!

2013-05-09 05:33:49 by OmegaDragon3000

"Drakojan Skies" is finally here! After 6 years since "Drakojan Skies Acolytes" was released at Newgrounds in 2007, the series returns with an all new reboot! Blast your way through four stages in "Arcade Mode" then chose whichever stage order you want to play in "Open Mode". The game also features incredible conceptual artwork and mechanical designs by artist Zaeta-K!

Get "Drakojan Skies" here (64 MB):

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Currently consisting of 4 stages, DS is planned to receive additional updates in the future, for a total of 8 stages, including an all new "Story Mode" with character dialogue and still-image cutscenes.

For more updates on "Drakojan Skies" and upcoming projects, please visit the Adregalus Facebook page:

(Unfortunately since each stage is a separate .swf file, and is loaded into one main .swf, it's not possible to submit the game to the Newgrounds' Flash Portal for streaming. I've spent weeks trying to get it to work, but without any luck. Sorry everyone! DS is downloadable only. :/)


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2013-05-09 08:19:02

Downloading it right now.

Did you try sending a PM to Tom to see if you can work something out with him? I'm not a coder, but maybe he has some ideas.


2013-05-09 08:38:47

Sorry for the double post, but did you think about submitting it to big flash gaming companies like Armor Games, Kongregate, NotDoppler? I'm sure they would be interested.

(Updated ) OmegaDragon3000 responds:

I would definitely submit the game to NG and elsewhere, but since the stages are external/separate files, streaming isn't possible. :/ Nah, I don't want to take up anyone's time trying to fix the issue. I've already looked into it, and pretty much tried every suggestion I could find, all without any luck. If the downloadable version works, then that's fine with me. XD


2013-05-09 13:58:04

Very cool! Fantastic work!


2015-05-04 01:25:14

So...does this mean you will be completing Forgotten Rites? I really hope you get back to the games you were creating, because they were so much fun for me, story, gameplay and everything! Keep up the good work, and sorry if this is weird responding two years after this post


2015-06-13 07:13:10

Guys, download link is broken? FB page is offline too.


2017-08-14 13:03:58

Whatever happened to that animated series you made called Dragon's Destiny? I can't find it anywhere.