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Drakojan Skies Liberation ALPHA DEMO Released

2008-08-19 08:15:51 by OmegaDragon3000

The game will remain at this stage and development will not continue any further.
The project has been canceled.

Drakojan Skies Liberation ALPHA DEMO Released


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2008-08-30 00:01:53

Why? Will there be something to continue in this genre?


2008-09-05 23:08:28

cool can't wait


2008-09-28 09:52:44

Not Found
The requested URL /drakojanskies/dslib_alpha.html was not found on this server.


2008-10-21 15:15:20

well..... i leak it a lot


2008-12-16 18:28:26

Please revive the project! If you need some additional help, I'm at your service!


2008-12-16 18:30:46

And MIU SIM! Please, revive it too! It will be great game, especially now!!!


2008-12-27 00:12:05

please revive this game series and your other second series and there could be hand to hand combat with an added power that summon a magical dragon out of nowhere for your forgotten rites while for Skies Liberation we get to see the S.U.B.A. series combined and we get to see the story fold in in real life in the game and we get to see the past designs of ships and weapons while for forgotten rites we get to obtain guns, a series of melee weapons and other special abilties for the game to compete more missions and we get to have a great ending that is too awsome to maintain your own excitement of compete of your two series in one new year!


2008-12-31 16:06:50

maybe one day you will turn pro and make it into a console game!....what a guy can dream!


2009-01-01 16:40:51

Just one question.Why do you keep canceling your projects?


2009-03-13 11:02:08

You seem to do a lot of canceling.


2009-04-02 12:43:07

So why do you cancel your projects so much? Shadow of Sonic Rage was right. you cancel far to much.


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