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Drakojan Skies - Liberation

2008-03-07 06:08:17 by OmegaDragon3000

New game is in the works. For more info, here:

--Test the Engine--


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2008-03-11 19:09:38

I liked the fighting engine smooth and the animations weren't laggy. If you need any suggestions feel free to pm me. Oh yeah what happened to that game you were making. I remember a demo then you say it's a couple of years in the works. How's it going so far?


2008-04-19 12:52:27

thanks for showing me this omegadragon3000.


2008-04-30 02:22:29

like it, it runs smoth, just like all the other great games that were made by u.


2008-05-01 17:03:53

I've been watching your works for quite some time. It looks very slick, it instantly gave me that 'Drakojan Skies' feeling. I'm looking forward to any news. :)


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