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"Drakojan Skies" out in June

2013-04-20 18:44:03 by OmegaDragon3000

Hey everyone! :D It's been about 8 years (OMG!) since I submitted the first "Drakojan Skies - Mission 1" (2005) game to Newgrounds, and in two months time (end of June) the series returns to Newgrounds with a brand new reboot! This old school 2D shmup is a reimagining of the original story, characters and locations from "Drakojan Skies Acolytes" (2007). The gameplay is very similar to the older games, but the engine has been completely rewritten from scratch, using animated sprites made from around 40 CG models for all playable craft, enemies and bosses. There are up to 6 playable units, 8 secondary and 4 special weapons, level weapons, and 4 stages, each featuring a set of unique enemy craft designs with an average game span of 15-25 minutes in total.

Here's 11 minutes of raw in-game footage of "Drakojan Skies", for a great look at what to expect to see in June.

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Check out the facebook page of the game's universe for weekly updates:
Or the main site here:

Stay tuned! :3


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2013-04-20 22:20:12

looking excellent I can not wait


2013-04-20 22:20:30

looking excellent I can not wait


2013-04-20 22:21:10

looking excellent I can not wait

(Updated ) OmegaDragon3000 responds:

Thanks! I can't wait for it to be finally done too, haha XD


2013-04-20 23:23:53

Holy shit!! This is incredible!

OmegaDragon3000 responds:

Thanks! :]


2013-04-21 05:04:23

Your games...

Shit. I rember playing them in 2007, and considering them some of the best games I ever played. They still are. Hell, they still are.

I'l tell you something man, if you post this on NG, there's an helluva big chance that it will win Game Of The Year. Seriously. The only contenders I can think about at the moment are Madness: Project Nexus and A Small Talk.

I mean, who doesn't wants a NG tank on his shelf?

(Updated ) OmegaDragon3000 responds:

Wow, thanks for the compliments! always amazing to hear from gamers who played the older DS games! (Time sure
If anyone who played (or remember) the original DS titles has a blast with the new one, then that would be a reward enough for me. :D


2013-04-21 09:28:46

Holy shit, you're not dead!?

OmegaDragon3000 responds:

Almost! XD