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Drakojan Skies reboot - now a free Flash game

2012-10-03 07:30:26 by OmegaDragon3000

I wrote back in February that the "Drakojan Skies" reboot was planned for Smartphones in 2013. Now it's back to being a free Flash game. Read all about it here (below the youtube video): f-drakojan-skies/

Basically, the game will be made in Flash, and released in 2013 on Newgrounds for free.
In the meantime, here are some locations from the upcoming game:

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Link to youtube video in case embedding doesn't work:


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2012-12-20 23:39:06

Hey man, I've got a question.

There's absolutely no need for you to answer me, and it's not my business - and I know that - but I'm curious.

So if you're minded to tell me, then... why exactly DID the smartphone deal fall through?

You say it was when the legal work started circulating that there was a problem, but ... that seems a little strange, y'know what I mean?

If there's a situation where peeps have all this work done, and all this time put into a project already, then... why would the deal-breaker be that part of the process which leads to everybody getting paid?

Now don't get me wrong, I'm glad the game's going to be free and all, and I frankly think that pcs are probably better equipped to handle videogames than smartphones will ever be, but I do think it's a bit of a shame that y'all lost this opportunity to get a little something tangible back from what you've been putting out, and on top of that, well... like I said...

I'm curious.